MarketSense Conference “Forecasts and opportunities” 2015

Posted on 25.02.2015 Under Event


The following presentations were introduced to the audience:

  • Social responsibility: opinions, values, rankings
  • Who is ready to pay for socially responsible brand?
  • Social responsibility and crisis.
  • Ecological certificate as marketing tool.
  • What’s the cost of health”?

Speakers: Sofia Kruglyakova, Alexey Komisarov

  • MarketStream – extending limits of interactivity.
  • All opportunities of on-line forums with visual illustrations based on own on-line platform “MarketStream”.

Speakers: Anastasia Nesmelova, Ruslan Mintz

  • How will your brand meet 2015?
  • Consumer and expert forecasts on different categories and brands (based our initiative study).

Speakers: Tatiana Ziglina, Nina Telegina

  • Narrativity and Creativity: new methods of insights searching.
  • Synergy of different approaches to finding insights, new formats of focus groups and interviews (creative role sessions, crisis biographies, etc.) and introducing the new definition – IDG.

Speaker: Elena Mosicheva